Home Health 15 Natural Homemade Remedies to Treat Blind Pimples Under Skin Quickly

15 Natural Homemade Remedies to Treat Blind Pimples Under Skin Quickly

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Blind Pimples

Pimples are hard to deal with as it is. Not only do they occur at all ages and seasons, but they also cause a lot of pain most of the time. And we all know how well those innocent looking little gits can spoil the otherwise perfect party look. And then there are the blind pimples which are worse, because they remain hidden under the skin surface, and do the maximum damage by causing heavy swelling, inflammation and yes, a lot of pain.

What are blind pimples?

Blind pimples are caused by oversecretion from the sebaceous glands located under the skin which clog the pores by producing excessive oil. As the pimples remain under the skin, their heads are not visible, and they normally do not contain pus.

Their favorite place of attack is the nose, and while they are less conspicuous than the blackheads and whiteheads, they can become very painful and very visible once they swell up. They can also occur in other areas like the chin, cheeks, behind the ears, the forehead, the chest and the back.

How to treat blind pimples?

Wondering how to get rid of bind pimples? Here are some very simple and effective ways to deal with these little lurking monsters.

1. Toothpaste

White toothpaste is an awesome cure for blind pimples, as it usually comes with mint or clove oil that helps in reducing the size of the pimples and in dealing with the soreness and redness. Before going to bed, apply a little bit of the paste on top of the pimple. Leave it on for the night. Wash it off with slightly warm water once you get up in the morning. Keep on doing this daily till the pimple disappears. You can even do this during the day, though you should keep it on for an hour or two at least.
However, consider using it carefully in case you have sensitive skin because some of the chemical substances present in the paste can cause irritation.

2. Milk

The alpha hydroxy acid (also known as AHA) in milk can help in unclogging the pores by removing the outer layer of dead skin and the accumulated oil and dirt. AHA also helps in making your skin smooth.

• Soak a cotton ball in the milk and apply it over the blind pimple. Let it remain for 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat twice daily till the head of the pimple appears.

• Make a poultice by putting a slice of bread soaked in milk on a piece of cloth. Apply the poultice over the affected area for a few minutes. Do this twice daily till the situation improves.

3. Lemon Juice

The citric acid present in lemon juice acts as an astringent and helps in drying out the pimples. As a cleanser, it helps in removing bacteria and dirt, thus speeding up healing. You can use lemon juice in the following ways for treating blind pimples:

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• Take a lemon or two and extract the juice. Apply it over the blind pimple with the help of a gauze pad and let it remain for 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat once or twice daily for three to four days to improve the condition.

• Prepare a mixture with a tablespoon each of lemon juice and rose water. Using a small cotton ball, apply a bit of it on your pimple and let it remain for around half an hour. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this again each day and continue for a few days till you get good results.

4. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol acts as a disinfectant and helps in cooling and soothing your skin, all at once. It also unclogs the blocked pores by removing the dirt from the skin, thus helping them reduce in size. You can use alcohol based cologne in place of rubbing alcohol. Just soak a cotton ball in the alcohol and dab the affected part with it. Leave it for around for 30 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this as many times a day as you can till the head of the pimple appears on the skin surface.

5. Tea Tree Oil

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil helps in killing the bacteria causing the pimples and soothes the skin, thus helping with fast healing. It works as a cleanser, unblocking the clogged pores by penetrating deep into the skin. Mix one part tea tree oil with nine parts water. Apply the mixture on the blind pimple with the help of a cotton ball. Let it remain on the skin for 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. After that, put some moisturizer on the area. Do this thrice daily.

However, take care to always dilute the oil before applying it on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it with the help of aloe vera gel instead of water.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is famous for its antibacterial properties that help in preventing outbreaks and skin infections. Also, its tonic action promotes blood circulation. Here are a few ways you can use it to treat blind pimples:

• Soak a ball of cotton in the apple cider vinegar and apply it on the blind pimple. Take care not to keep it for more than a minute as it can burn off your skin. Repeat this a few times each day so that the head of the pimple is quickly exposed.

• Add a teaspoon of apple cider to a glass of warm water. Drink it before each meal to improve your body’s blood circulation which in turn would take care of your pimples.

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7. Honey

The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of honey work together against the bacteria that cause any type of pimples. It also acts as a gentle and deep cleanser that prevents scarring on the affected areas.

• Apply some pure honey on the blind pimple using a cotton ball and let it remain for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice daily for the situation to improve.

• Blend an apple into pulp. Now make a thick paste by adding one tablespoon of honey to one tablespoon of that pulp. Apply it on the blind pimple and let it remain for 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Do this once everyday.

8. Epsom salt

Epsom salt is another ingredient used for naturally treating a wide range of ailments thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Mix a teaspoon of the salt in half a cup of hot water till it dissolves completely. Allow the mixture to reach room temperature before using a cotton ball to apply it on the blind pimple. Let it dry for some time over the area before washing it off with water. Repeat this once or twice daily till the head of the pimple appears on the surface of the skin.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has both antibacterial and healing properties and is one of the most commonly used home ingredients for naturally treating a lot of problems. Extract the gel from the leaf after cutting it open from an aloe vera plant. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for twenty minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this once daily for as many days as it takes for you to get results.

10. Warm Compress

A warm compress is one of the oldest and most popular techniques for treating a whole lot of problems, including improving blood circulation. That in turn would bring the head of the pimple out into the surface, thus making it pop open to release the infectious fluid. Some ways in which you can use warm compress to pop open blind pimples are as follows:

• Soak a cloth in hot water and hold it over the affected area at a temperature which you can bear. Repeat the process two or three times a day till the head of the pimple appears on the surface.

• Put some black tea on a bag and soak it in some warm water before applying it over the pimple. The tannins present in the black tea helps in reducing inflammation.

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11. Ice

This is perhaps the simplest way to deal with blind pimples. And also the most comfortable one, especially during the hot months when there is the highest risk of getting those deep pimples. Just apply the ice over the inflamed area for 5 minutes. Then wait for a couple more minutes before repeating the process. Keep on doing this for half an hour. The best time to do this would be before going to bed. However, this can also be done while you are on a work break with some time to spare. This not only helps in treating the inflammation accompanying the blind pimples and soothing your skin, but also in improving blood circulation, thus acting at a deep level.

12. Apple

Apple has malic acid which helps in making the skin firm and it also acts as a natural toner. After getting rid of all the seeds, blend the apple into a fine pulp. Now to a tablespoon of it, add another one of honey. Put this mixture on the blind pimples and let it remain for around 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily till the pimple has healed completely.

13. Garlic

Garlic, thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, has been used for long as a major kitchen ingredient in various things. To get the best out of garlic in treating blind pimples, rub a clove of garlic on the affected area for a few minutes. Then rinse the area. Repeat till there is complete healing.

14. Witch Hazel

Like lemon, this too is a natural astringent which helps in tackling the inflammation and the redness that come along with blind pimples. Apply the witch hazel on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball that had been soaked in it. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat this once or twice for the best results.

15. Cinnamon

Cinnamon comes with a substance known as cinnamaldehyde whose antimicrobial properties help in doing away with the blind pimples. To get the best results out of cinnamon while treating blind pimples, make a smooth paste by adding some honey to powdered cinnamon. Put it on the affected area and keep it for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Do this thrice daily till the pimple reaches the surface and pops open.

Remember, it is always better to tackle a problem at its roots, and nothing works better for blind pimples than a good and healthy lifestyle, proper hygiene, and good food. Never, ever pop those pimples with your fingers, tempting though it may be. You may end up with a severe infection, or even a cyst. And in case there is no relief in sight within a week (that is how long a blind pimple usually lasts), consult a doctor.