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Revealed! The Most Irresistible 10 Reasons to Eat More Citrus Fruits

10 Reasons to Eat More Citrus Fruits

Citrus is common in all fruits that are acidic in nature, and rich in ascorbic acid, or in other words, as it most commonly know, Vitamin C. Vitamin C operates as an antioxidant and provides protection to the human body against any and all free radicals. It is common knowledge that Vitamin C is good for your body and helps build immunity. Fruits that are rich in citrus are thus highly sought after and recommended by doctors, especially if someone is suffering from the cold or has the flu. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of fiber—oranges contain up to 2.3 grams of fiber, and tangerine approximately 1.6 grams. Citrus fruits also help in weight loss. Besides this, Vitamin C present in citrus fruits helps in digesting iron present in the food in a better way.

What are Citric Fruits?

Fruits that are rich in citric acids are most commonly found in shrubs and regions surrounding flowering trees. Citric fruits generally have a rind that is leathery and their juicy segments are surrounding by white pith. They are found in Southeast Asia and regions around New Guinea and Australia. Almost one-third of all citrus fruits are used in making juice. Given below is a small list of highly common citrus fruits:

  1. a) Sweet oranges
  2. b) Mandarins
  3. c) Limes
  4. d) Lemons
  5. e) Grapefruits

However, excess consumption of anything can cause harm to the human body. Citric fruits, when consumed in large quantities or in an improper dosage, can lead to several side effects.

Given below is a list of various benefits and side effects of citrus-rich fruits.

Why should you eat more Critic fruits?

1. Citric Fruits Help Boost Immunity

Fruits such as lemon and oranges that are rich in Vitamin C help protect your body from diseases and infections by increasing the immunity power in the body. Vitamin C helps escalate the production of white blood cells in the human body. This is why it is highly recommended to consume a healthy amount of citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) on a regular basis in extreme weather conditions (when it is too hot in summers and the chances of infection is increased because of germs, and in winters, when it is too cold in winters and there is a real danger of catching a cold).

2. Citric Fruits Are Good for Your Skin

As you grow older, your skin encounters a lot of damage and there is inevitable wear and tear. Vitamin C and fruits such as oranges help slow this process down – owing to the high antioxidants present in critic fruits, your skin can become smooth and even elastic. If are facing the problem of dry and patched skin (perhaps due to cold temperatures in winters), citric fruits can moisturize your skin in a healthy and lasting manner and can help remove any remaining dead cells. Here is a small list of all the benefits that can come from increasing your daily dosage of citrus fruits:

  1. a) Brightening of the skin
  2. b) Refreshing properties
  3. c) Relief from acne
  4. d) Reduced signs of aging (less wrinkles, etc.)
  5. e) Improved skin tone

There are many ways to use citric fruits to improve the health of your skin. Some of these are given below:

  1. a) Dilute lemon juice and apply on knees and elbows
  2. b) Direct application of the extracted juice on the surface of your skin (on your face, etc.)
  3. c) Drying and grinding the peels of citrus fruits and scrubbing them on the surface of the skin

3. Citric Fruits Are Good for Your Eyes and Improve Vision

Besides being rich in Vitamin C, many citric fruits like oranges also contain Vitamin A and potassium which helps improve eyesight. Your eyes and your body can be best kept healthy by a regular though moderated consumption of bioflavonoids along with Vitamin C. Vitamin C leads to healthy vessels, especially the delicate capillaries that might be present in the retina. Studies have proved that a regular intake of Vitamin C reduces the chances of cataract and vision loss.

Vitamin C is known to work in conjunction with bioflavonoids to improve eye health. Both have been proved to be water soluble and non-toxic, regardless of the (high) amount consumed.

4. Citric Fruits Help Prevent Heart Disease

The antioxidants present in citric fruits work against free radicals in the human body. Chances of heart burn, of cardiovascular problems and of hypertension can all be reduced by regularly consuming a healthy amount of citric fruits. Intake of citric fruits facilitates smooth and easy blood flow in the coronary arteries, thereby reducing the chances of blood clots and high cholesterol levels. Grapefruits help decrease high blood pressures, and reduce the chances for a stroke.

5. Citric Fruits Help Fight Cancer

Citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids, which is a compound that contains powerful anticancer properties. Citric fruits are also rich in folate, which promotes healthy cell division and thiamin increases metabolism. The rich levels of limonoids and flavonoids present in citric fruits reduce cancer cells in the body and work against the presence of any tumor. Several studies have proved that consuming citric fruits in a combination with green tea can help reduce the chances of breast cancer by at least 26%.

6. Citric Fruits Are Beneficial Against Diabetes

Citric fruits contain low glycemic index, which is to say that they are the best option when it comes to fruits, especially if you are a patient of diabetes. Critic fruits thus help avoid any sort of spiking in your blood sugar levels. It is known that orange has a score of 45 in glycemic index terms, while grapefruits stand on a level of 25. There is a certain amount of glucose that is present in all citric fruits, which, when it is released into your bloodstream, provides energy to the body.

7. Citric Fruits Help Prevent Hair Loss

Vitamin C present in citric fruits strengthens hair from the roots and stimulates hair growth. The best way to consume is through a citrus fruits mask, which is made of lemon, orange and grapefruit. Application of this mask can repair your damaged hair and restore it back to its normal, healthy conditions.

Besides this, Vitamin BH that is present in citrus fruits helps prevent thinning in the hair as well. Other benefits of citrus fruits for hair are given below:

  1. a) Prevention of premature graying of the hair
  2. b) Reduced hair fall
  3. c) Nourishment, leading to shiny hair
  4. d) Dandruff prevention
  5. e) Hair softener
  6. f) Reduced dryness in hair

You can either consume citric fruits on a daily basis or you can also apply the juice of some of these fruits (lemon, oranges, etc.) directly on your hair and massage to get maximum and fast effects.

8. Citric Fruits Help in Brain Development

Citric fruits can also work against neurodegenerative diseases where a breakdown occurs in the cells of the nervous system. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are usually caused due to inflammation and can thus be reduced and managed by a regular intake of flavonoids commonly present in citric fruits. Increasing the dosage of citric fruits in your diet can thus also lead to protected brain cells and by implication, improved (and perhaps even faster and clearer) brain function!

9. Citric Fruits Help Prevent Ulcers

A diet that contains a high amount of fiber can help prevent the chances of stomach ulcers and constipation by keeping your intestines healthy. However, excess consumption of citric fruits can also create an increased acidifying effect in the stomach. Consumption in case of ulcers should thus be carefully monitored. Consult a doctor for a healthy dosage of critic fruits that would help maintain a balance in your body.

10. Citric Fruits can Act as a Remedy Against Kidney Stones

A calcium stone is the most common kidney stone. It is made mainly of calcium oxalate. The best way to keep yourself protected from kidney stones is through hydration, that is, by consuming a lot of water on a daily basis. Another method is through an increased consumption of citric fruits, since they are known for their hydrating qualities. Consuming two liters of water along with two-three glasses of lemon juice every day can help decrease the chances for a kidney stone.

Side-effects of Citric Fruits

There are some downfalls to citric fruits as well. Some of these are mentioned below:

1) High amount can cause cavity: High consumption of citric fruits can lead to damage in the tooth enamel and the bacteria may create cavities in the truth.

2) Grapefruit might cancel out the effects of other medications: Grapefruit contains a chemical called furanocoumarin which can prevent many medications from working to their full effects.

3) Fruit juice might be adulterated at times: Commercial fruit juice (especially orange and lemon juice) contains high sugar levels which might at times cancel out many properties of critic fruits.

4) Fungi growth: Citric fruits, when present on farms, are often in the danger getting contaminated by fungi. These fruits which have traces of fungi can cause further allergies.

5) Toxicity: Biphenyl present in citric fruits (added to avoid infestation of fungi) can prove to be toxic when consumed in large quantities.