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10 Testosterone Boosting Hacks You Must Include In Your Diet

Food Items That Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is often associated with “masculinity”, however, the hormone is important to the health of both men and women. With age, the level of testosterone gradually declines in the body. Low testosterone levels in men generally result in prostate enlargement, hair loss and in some cases even cancer. Women are more susceptible to hormonal imbalances, especially during the menopause phase. Testosterone plays a major role in maintaining body mass, bone strength, and libido. Listed below are some natural hacks for increasing your testosterone levels without any side-effects:

Why Need Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for building the muscles, boosting bone strength, increasing sex drive as well as keeping your heart rate and memory in check. Hypogonadism, also known as low T or low testosterone is a medical condition where the body is not able to produce the required testosterone for proper functioning. Most people often resort to hormone therapy as an immediate solution. However, that can pose some serious risks for the body. Consult a doctor before you turn to injecting stuff into your body. Instead, invest in these simple yet effective natural hacks. Eating a diet that boosts testosterone is effective in restoring the hormonal imbalance in your body.

10 foods that increase testosterone level naturally

With some fundamental changes in the lifestyle and eating habits, you can overcome any medical ailment or deficiency of the body. Low testosterone levels don’t just decrease your libido but also your confidence. Don’t worry though, a few primary changes in your diet takes care of the problem effectively. For instance, consuming food rich in zinc, iron and vitamin D3 is very effective in stabilizing the testosterone levels of your body.

1. Beef

A meat-free diet usually lowers your testosterone levels by almost 14%. Red meat is a great source of protein for the body and contributes heavily to the growth of muscles and strengthening of bones. Beef has all the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the production of testosterone in the body. Beef liver is a great source of vitamin D while ground beef and chuck roast have high levels of zinc. However, beef also contains excessive amounts of fat; choose only lean cuts of the meat and avoid over consumption. Red meat poses some serious health concerns and is often linked to ailments such as colon cancer.

2. Grapes

Grapes and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and are great for boosting the body’s immunity and inner strength. Grapes also have a lot of moisture content and antioxidants that effectively flush out all toxic wastes. Eating a bunch of red grapes daily is also known for increasing your sex drive. The outer covering of the fruit contains a chemical called resveratrol that is responsible for boosting the consistency and overall sperm count. A study conducted by a group of Chinese scientists discovered that eating 500mg or 5-10 grape skin peelings a day could boost your testosterone levels and also improve the sperm’s ability to swim better (epididymal motility). You can even add other citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and berries to your diet to meet the vitamin deficiencies of your body.

3. Whey Protein

Whey protein is known for stimulating the production of testosterone in the body. Whether you consume it in the form of a protein shake or in ricotta cheese, the protein restricts the production of cortisol in the body thereby balancing the low-t levels. In a study conducted at Finland, male volunteers were given 15 grams of whey isolate before and after their workout. A muscle biopsy test later revealed a 25% increase in the testosterone levels that retained for almost 48 hours! However, overconsumption of whey protein can backfire and cause a steady decline in testosterone. The key lies in maintaining a perfectly balanced diet.

4. Venison

Extremes are dangerous and it applies to your diet as well. A totally vegetarian diet lacks the high protein and carbs content that you’d get from meat. Also, studies show that people following a vegetarian diet experience a 14% drop in the testosterone levels when compared to the meat-eaters. However, on the other hand, overconsumption of meat poses a lot of health risks such as cancer and heart problems. Red meat like beef though rich in vitamin D and zinc also has alarmingly high levels of fats. This is why researchers in Utah have found a middle ground, venison. Meat cooked in garlic and other fragrant herbs not only enhance the flavor of the dish but also contribute to your sperm count. Garlic contains allicin that lowers the cortisol content in your body.

5. Pomegranate

Pomegranate, a fruit known for its high nutritional content, is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and iron. The fruit also has high amounts of antioxidants that flush out the toxins from our body. Furthermore, pomegranate also stabilizes the blood pressure and is a good diet supplement for people suffering from anemia. A glass of pomegranate juice a day also boosts your testosterone levels somewhere between 16-30% thereby improving your sex drive and mood drastically. Moreover, consuming the fruit in its solid form also has its benefits. Pomegranate is rich in fiber and fructose as well stabilizing your blood sugar levels and enhancing your immunity. Venison is great for balancing the protein deficiency of the body without posing any health concerns.

6. Dairy Products

Other than vegetables and meat, there are other food items as well that can contribute to high testosterone levels such as low-fat milk and eggs. Milk is rich in proteins and calcium along with vitamin D that strengthens your bones and keeps you fit and healthy. Opt for the low-fat tetra pack or skimmed milk as it doesn’t contain any extra fats. Eggs are another rich source of protein and vitamin D. The good cholesterol in the yolk helps balance out the low-T levels. A bowl of fortified cereals is another healthy breakfast option that replenishes the nutrient deficiency in your body and improves your sex drive.

7. Cruciferous Veggies and Special Oils

Just because a vegetarian diet doesn’t the production of testosterone doesn’t mean you give up on veggies altogether. Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli help you excrete excessive estrogen and increase testosterone levels in your body. Vegetables contain a chemical Indole-3-carbinols that hastens the process of flushing out estradiol by almost 50% in men. Even white, kidney and black beans contain high amounts of zinc, vitamin D and protein for boosting your libido and muscle growth. Even olive oil and coconut contain the necessary saturated fats necessary for the production of many hormones including testosterone. Extra virgin olive oil, if consumed daily can increase the testosterone levels up to 17% in just three weeks!

8. Seafood

Seafood such as oysters, shellfish, and tuna has high amounts of Vitamin D, Zinc and iron. Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for the production of testosterone in the male body and must be a part of your diet. An occasional serving of oysters, crabs or lobster can really improve your sex drive. Alaskan crab, for instance, includes almost 43% zinc in just a 3-ounce serving! Even tuna is a smart health supplement for balancing a Vitamin D deficiency. Tuna, salmon, and sardines are also good for your heart. However, eating a lot of fish or other food items rich in omega-3 fatty acids may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

9. Honey

Honey is an ingredient that not only sweetens your food but also your sex life! Yes, the ingredient is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals that boost your immunity and strengthen your body. Also, honey contains boron, a mineral that is often linked to testosterone. Honey is also rich in nitric oxide and has loads of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming a couple of teaspoons of honey daily opens up the blood vessels thereby helping men with their libido. Obesity is another reason why your testosterone levels are dwindling drastically. Drinking a concoction of honey and lemon with warm water on an empty stomach also results in weight loss.

10. Cabbages

The leafy and crunchy cabbages aren’t just a good supplement for your salads. The vegetable is rich in fiber and effectively flushes out the harmful wastes from your body. Also, cabbages are rich sources of a chemical called indole-3-carbinol that is known to boost the testosterone levels in your body. The chemical in question also reduces the girly-hormone (estrogen) levels; don’t consume it in extremes if you’re a female. In a study conducted by the researchers at Rockefeller University, it was discovered that men who included about 500 grams of cabbages in their daily diet experienced a steady decline in the creation of estrogen.

The Bottom Line

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for both men and women. Even though it is known as the “male hormone”, testosterone in women actually contributes to muscle growth and improves libido. Following a proper diet and eating food that boost testosterone can work wonders for your body.