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10 Natural DIY Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test – Including Soap & Vinegar Test

Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test – Including Soap & Vinegar Test

Pregnancy is scary – whether you’re prepared for it or not. However, before you go about planning for your baby shower, you have to be absolutely sure and prepared for your pregnancy. Now, some women might be hesitant or might not have the time to make an appointment with their gynecologist. Don’t worry, you no longer have to head out for the nearest pharmacy, we have some safe and discreet natural ways to find out whether you’re pregnant or not. Check out the top 10 homemade pregnancy test methods below;

Trust A Home Remedy to Check for Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Missing your period is usually considered a tell-tale sign that you’re pregnant, but that’s not the case with every woman. Every woman has a different reproductive system and hence might how different symptoms. For the most accurate results, we suggest that you wait at least a week after unprotected sex. This is because the HCG levels of the body require at least 7 days to develop and determine signs of pregnancy. Morning sickens, nausea, bouts of dizziness, swollen breasts, abdominal bloating and mood swings are other signs that indicate a chance of pregnancy.

How Accurate Are These Pregnancy Tests?

Homemade pregnancy tests might seem less accurate than the medical kits available over the counter. The truth is, a natural pregnancy test works in a similar way and is as reliable as the test kits you get from a pharmacy. Pregnancy tests, medical or not, look for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in women’s urine. The hCG hormone, produced by the cells, is responsible for forming the placenta and the sac that fertilizes and protects the egg when it’s attached to the womb. Homemade pregnancy tests check for the presence of the hCG hormone in the body, a sure sign that you’ve conceived.

How to Check for Pregnancy at Home Naturally?

Homemade tests, though similar to the standard ones, are often considered trickier to interpret. The natural tests detect the presence of the hCG hormone by observing chemical reactions between urine and different substances. The timing and effectiveness of these tests therefore varies and depends greatly on the substances used. However, there are a few ways in which you can increase your chances of getting accurate results;

  • Always use a sample of the morning urine as it is more concentrated and hence has the highest amount of hCG
  • Use the same amount of urine as the substance you’re going to put it in contact with can absorb
  • Wait for a few minutes (10-15 mins) before coming to any conclusion
  • Do not disturb the mixture or test, to ensure accurate results
  • You can repeat the test, or try different homemade test techniques, just to be sure.

Best Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Homemade pregnancy tests became widely available to women in 1978, though back then these tests were considered highly unreliable and took about two hours to show results. Nowadays, these tests can tell as early as five days before your missed period. So, how do you know if you’re pregnant using simple kitchen ingredients? Weirdly enough, it always comes back to your pee. Ingredients like onions, when brought in contact with your urine, can help detect pregnancy.

The onion pregnancy test is an ancient method used by the Greeks. Insert a piece of onion in your vagina overnight and if you can smell onion from your breath the next morning, it means you’ve not conceived. The logic is – the formation of womb should cut off airways and prevent the pungent smell of the onion from going up through the stomach. Here are some other natural tests that you can try out.

1. Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test

Dandelion leaves – also known as Blowball, lion’s tooth, puffball, and white endive- are medicinal herbs belonging to the sunflower family. These leaves, commonly found in any backyard or garden, are an easy way to know if you’re pregnant or not. Cut the dandelion leaves and store them in a plastic container in a cool and dark place. Make sure that the leaves do not get any sunlight. Then urinate on the leaves, you would notice small red bumps on the leave’s surface after 10 minutes if you’re pregnant. Tip: drink plenty of water before testing, make sure your bladder is full and that the leaves are submerged with your pee.

2. Pine-Sol Testing

Pine-sol can be extracted from the rough surface of the pine trees. It is an anti-bacterial agent made of twigs, needles, cones and other parts of the tree, and is an age-old remedy for checking pregnancy signs among women in tribal communities. The pine cone pregnancy test works like a normal litmus test, i.e. the cone would change color if it comes in contact with an acid. Put the twigs and other elements of pine sol in a plastic container, urinate on it and then leave it for 10 minutes. Check if the substance has changed color. If yes, then you’re pregnant.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide and Tylenol Test

A bottle of Tylenol and hydrogen peroxide are commonly found in every medicine cabinet. These meds aren’t just useful for curing a headache or fever but also a test to figure out if you’re pregnant. Add equal amounts of Tylenol (the standard white tablet) and hydrogen peroxide in a cup and mix it with a sample of your urine (preferably taken in the morning). Stir the mixture well and set it aside for a few seconds. If the solution turns blue, then your pregnancy is confirmed.

4. Bleach Litmus Test

Bleach is no longer just a cleansing or beauty treatment agent. The ingredient is also used to detect pregnancies. However, you have to exercise extreme caution when using this method. Bleach is highly corrosive and inflammable. We recommend that you perform this test outside your bathroom, in an airy room. The fumes and the pungent odor of bleach can cause suffocation and skin irritation. Mix bleach with a sample of your urine and leave it aside for a few minutes. If the mixture starts generating foam after a few seconds, then you’re pregnant!

5. Toothpaste Test

This might come as a surprise to many, but toothpaste (as long as its white in color) can be used for confirming news of your upcoming pregnancy. It doesn’t matter what brand you use; the paste should be white and produce enough foam. Mix some toothpaste to a sample of your urine, mix it well and set it aside for some time. if you notice the mixture turning blue and frothy in a few minutes then prepare for motherhood because you’re expecting! On the downside, there is no set time limit for the solution to change color.

6. Wheat and Barley Test

The wheat and barley test is among the most ancient and authentic pregnancy tests first used by the Egyptians a couple of centuries ago. Back then, the Egyptian women would pour a sample of their urine over wheat and barley seeds and wait for a reaction. If the wheat and barley seeds start to ferment it means you’re pregnant. One of the disadvantages of this testing was that there was no set time period. It could take somewhere between a few hours to a few days for the seeds to ferment. Back then, the Egyptians also claimed to predict the sex of the baby – if the wheat seeds developed first it was a boy and vice versa (barley seeds germinating) indicated a baby girl.

7. Mustard Powder Soak

The age-old symptoms of missing a period are not the only way to detect a pregnancy. Owing to the rushed lifestyle and stress, most women suffer from hormonal imbalances and irregular menstrual cycles. Mustard powder is a key ingredient that’s related to your menstrual cycle. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and add generous amounts of mustard powder in it. Soak your body in this solution for about 10-15 minutes and then take a shower with normal water. Your periods might start the very next day if you aren’t pregnant. If you don’t get your period, you’re most probably expecting.

8. Sugar Test

White sugar, whether powdered or in cubes, is found in almost every household. However, this common kitchen ingredient is not just a sweetening agent but also the easiest DIY pregnancy tester you can get your hands on. The next time you find yourself harboring doubts about whether you’re pregnant or not, head out to the kitchen and take a bowl of sugar. Take 1tsp sugar in a bowl, add the same amount of urine to it and wait for a few minutes. If the sugar dissolved readily in the liquid, then you’re not pregnant. On the other hand, if the sugar forms clumps then the test is positive. This is because the hCG hormone wouldn’t allow the sugar to dissolve completely in the urine.

9. Soap Pregnancy Test

Soap, a cleansing agent, can also be used as a pregnancy detector. For testing, you can take up any brand or type piece of soap, preferably white. Ensure that the soap is dry, it shouldn’t have any moisture on it. The next step is to collect your urine sample in a cup and pour it slowly over the piece. Pour a generous amount so as to completely wet the piece of soap. If the soap tends to froth or make bubbles, then you’re pregnant.

10. Homemade Pregnancy Test with Vinegar

Vinegar is another substance commonly found in every kitchen cabinet. The ingredient is used both for cooking, cleansing, and medicinal purposes, but here we’ll be using it as a way to detect your pregnancy. Take a cup of white vinegar in a plastic container, add urine in the same proportion and mix the solution properly. If you notice little bubbles frothing on the surface, set it aside. The solution would change color if you’re pregnant.

Another way to use vinegar would be to add some tuna juice to it. mix ¼ cup tuna juice with a ¼ cup of vinegar, add a sample of your pee onto this mixture. If the mixture remains a yellowish-red, then you’re not pregnant. However, if the solution turns green, you can share the good news with everyone in your family.

What to Do After Taking a Home Pregnancy Test?

If the test results turn out negative even after you’ve tried out multiple of these pregnancy tests, then you’re most likely not pregnant. However, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to get medically test, just to be sure. And in case, the results are positive then get an appointment with your gynecologist to begin prenatal care for you and the baby ASAP.

The Bottom Line 

The possibility of nurturing another life inside you can be quite overwhelming. It is important that you keep track of your menstrual cycle to avoid any untoward consequences. Sometimes, over the counter pregnancy kits or professional help is not easily accessible or expensive. These homemade hacks using a few kitchen ingredients are a good alternative to the conventional pregnancy tests.