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25 Amazing Feng Shui Items to Bring You Wealth and Prosperity in Your Life

Feng Shui Items for Wealth

Feng Shui, literally translated from Chinese as “wind-water”, is a philosophy that has been gaining ground in several parts of the world over the last few years. Feng Shui items create a positive energy and, in the process, many believe, bring luck and wealth. Whether you have been following Feng Shui for a while or you’re turning to Feng Shui for wealth, for your career, or for improvements at home, look no further. We bring you a comprehensive list of 25 feng shui items that should bring peace and prosperity to your life.

1. Feng Shui dragon symbol

The Feng Shui dragon symbol is as powerful as it is auspicious. Representing a strong yang or male energy, it has been known to bring success, wealth, prosperity, power, luck in love, and spiritual growth. A dragon figurine for your home, positioned just right, could bring plentitude of opportunities and wealth.

2. Chi Lin

This Chinese creature from the folklore has a dragon’s head, horse’s body, and carp fish’s scales. These would make for perfect decorative products for your drawing room, and are bound to bring protective Feng Shui vibes, along with great health plus prosperity.

3. Fu Dogs

Fu dogs are a strong protection symbol. They were erected in fronts of temples, imperial palaces, and government offices for protection. They were also known to bring social status and wealth to families. From bronze to jade to ceramic, Fu dogs come in all kinds of material, and in all shapes and sizes – including in the form of garden statues – and are available online.

4. Pi Yao or Pi XiuThe

Pi Yao or Pi Xiu is not as popular as the Chi Lin or the Fu dogs, but it is no less powerful. In fact, it is the only Feng Shui cure for protection against a specific type of negative energy, known as the Grand Duke or the Tai Sui. It is also an excellent and effective Feng Shui remedy to gain wealth.

5. Bagua mirror

The bagua or pa kua mirror is used commonly in Feng Shui. It is a mirror inside an octagonal frame made from wood, with Feng Shui bagua design in many colors, usually a red-green-yellow/gold or yellow-black-red combination. It is relied upon as a protector against negative energies, and must only be used outdoors.

6. The mystic knot

The Mystic Knot is a popular Feng Shui good luck symbol. It is a combination of the infinity symbol, six times over, and signifies a happy and long life filled with good fortune. It represents flow of auspicious and prosperous energy. This Feng Shui item is available online in the form of bracelets, amulets and more.

7. The elephant symbol

The elephant symbol in Feng Shui signifies and ensures the Feng Shui energies of protection, good luck, and fertility. The elephant’s trunk is believed by followers of Feng Shui to have a sophisticated language, so pay most attention to while selecting the elephant symbol as one of the Feng Shui cures. To make use of the elephant’s power of protection, place a pair at the entrance of your home – this could be in the form of figurines, wallpaper, or even art prints.

8. The tortoise symbol

The Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animals or Guardians in Feng Shui, the others being the dragon, the phoenix and the tiger. These four animals are considered the guardians of good Feng Shui energy. Turtles or tortoises are used in Feng Shui as protectors and sources of positive energy, and are best placed in the back of the house.

9. Dzi beads

The word ‘Dzi’ in Tibetan means ‘shine’ or ‘splendour’, and in Chinese its meaning is more along the lines of ‘heaven’s pearls’. These beads are often emblazoned with the image of the eye, which has been a powerful symbol in ancient cultures. The eye is all-seeing and protective, and you may make use of its power by decorating your living space with these beads – which also have other patterns painted on them sometimes.

10. Lucky cat

Although the lucky cat originated in Japan, it has become an integral part of Feng Shui. Bring the lucky cat home only if you like it, and not because you were told it would be good for your home. Nothing will surround you with positivity and bring you the luck and wealth and peace you’re hoping for if you don’t truly want the object that represents all of these things.

11. Chinese coins

Chinese coins represent, quite predictably, money and wealth. They may also be used for protection and as a good luck cure. The best way to use Chinese coins at home is by locating the money area, and finding a suitable way to display these coins within that space.

12. Rudraksha beads

Rudraksha beads were originally part of Hindu traditional practices. These beads are basically the seeds from a scared tree by the name of rudraksha, which translates into ‘the eyes of Shiva’. A rudraksha with five facets brings inner peace and calm, one with two facets is said to bring unity into one’s life, and that with one facet is believed to allow one to enjoy all of life’s pleasures without being overly attached to them.

13. Crystals and stones

Natural stones and crystals are perfect for your home, and are used in Feng Shui in several different ways, all with the ultimate goal of creating good Feng Shui energy within the home. Crystals bring love, heal broken hearts, and also bring an abundance of wealth and energy. If wealth and energy are the things you are looking for, you may also use crystals in your office space.

14. Vibrant plants

Plants, even outside of Feng Shui, bring about a positive, happy and calming energy. Within Feng Shui, of course, they symbolize a lot of different things, and impact a lot of different aspects of an individual’s life. These include the jade plant, the money plant, the silver crown for good fortune, the Chinese flowers blossom for romance, the peony for true love, and much, much more. For a healthy, happy and positive environment at home or at work, and just for some lush greenery to soothe the eyes, surround yourself with plants.

15. Water element or source

The water element in Feng Shui brings about flow, function and freedom within the home, half of the phrase ‘Feng Shui’ itself meaning ‘water’. Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature, and in spite of its gentleness, holds immense strength. The water element carries a healing, life-giving energy that is perfect for home and work, and may be represented by the colors blue and black, in flowing shapes, or through mirrors. If you can accommodate and afford one, you could even arrange for a fountain – the perfect indoor and outdoor source for the water element.

16. Feng Shui images

If you live within a restrictive or constricted space, and are unable to decorate your living or work space with plants or actual sources of water, Feng Shui images will serve you just as well. Images can be very powerful, not least when it comes to a practice like Feng Shui, and when the real thing is not available or is difficult to accommodate, try to surround yourself with images of the same, so as to bring about the kind of positive energy you have been seeking.

17. Laughing Buddha

Few Feng Shui items or cures are as popular or as universal in their application as the Laughing Buddha. It is the perfect Feng Shui cure for good luck, abundance, happiness, success, and good health, and is therefore perfect for your home and office. The only thing to keep in mind while deciding where to place your Laughing Buddha is where not to place the idol – namely, the bathroom, the kitchen, or on the floor. Also try to avoid placing it near electrical lines or equipment, as their impact might dissipate the energy of the Buddha.

18. Feng Shui wealth colors

The Feng Shui wealth colors are gold, purple, green and red. Try to use these colors in moderation and in an aesthetically pleasing manner so as not to throw the complete decoration of your home or office off balance. Try to use curtains or rugs in purple or red, and for green, try to have a few plants at home or at the workspace. As for gold, try hanging pictures with gold frames.

19. The lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo is yet another plant that influences Feng Shui, and is in fact one of the most popular Feng Shui cures available. It is perfect for home and work, and if you’re having trouble finding or accommodating one, try to use it in image form to influence your surroundings.

20. The double happiness sign

The Chinese double happiness sign has perfect symmetry, flow, and balance, and represents harmony. It can be used as the perfect Feng Shui love cure.

21. Horseshoe

The use of a horseshoe to bring about protective energy and good luck goes back many centuries, and is still perfect for use in the home. Most people use it outside the front door, but you may use it indoors, if you so wish.

22. Feng Shui fish (arowana, carp and goldfish)

In Feng Shui, fish have long been associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity. The Feng Shui image of two fishes swimming, for instance, if the fish are koi (which they will most likely be), is the perfect Feng Shui cure for love and a successful marriage.

23. The money frog

The money frog, as evident by its name, is also associated in Feng Shui with wealth and abundance. If you wish to use it, it is best to place the frog in your money area or somewhere near the front door.

24. Wealth vase

The wealth vase is one of the oldest Feng Shui abundance cures. Use this to attract and improve the flow of energies of prosperity and wealth to your home.

25. Mirrors

Yes, we are talking about regular mirrors, not the bagua mirror. Regular mirrors, like their Feng Shui counterpart, also attract an abundance of wealth, creating pathways for new and joyful opportunities. Use ones with golden frames for the best Feng Shui cure. If you are new to Feng Shui, and are still apprehensive or unsure of its usefulness, trust us. Give it a try; start small. You will not regret it. And even if it doesn’t end up helping you, at least your home or work space will look more positive and full of life now!