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How to Get Rid of Pain Around Belly Button – Causes, Symptoms and Home Treatments

How to Get Rid of Pain Around Belly Button

Your belly button is the most sensitive area of your body. Any discomfort around the stomach is almost impossible to ignore. Pain around belly button can affect anyone, from little children to adults. There are two types of naval pain and identifying the seriousness of the problem is important to determine the exact cause. Normally people momentarily disregard and just hope the pain will disappear in a day or two. In either case, it is important to seek medical help if the pain persists. Following are the causes, symptoms, and remedial home treatments for pain behind belly button.

Symptoms of sharp pain around belly button:

  • In some instances the pain is steady, sharp, pulsating and sporadic. Sometimes it may flare up on the surface of the skin due to some kind of sudden movement, after a meal, or specific part of the day.
  • There may be redness of skin or pus oozing out from the umbilical area due to skin infection.
  • Serious symptoms like nausea and vomiting is associated with appendicitis which requires quick medical attention.

Common causes of abdominal pain around belly button:

1. Unhealthy Diet & Bacterial Infection:

Overeating causes stressful contractions in the stomach. Eating less causes acidity and this often results in naval pain. Consumption of allergic foods is another root of annoyance. Bacterial infections cause food poisoning, which damage intestinal linings and result in flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, and swelling around the belly button causing extreme discomfort. Aside from these, constipation is another reason for throbbing belly pain. Consumption of a healthy diet will aid in better physical well being.

2. Medications:

Taking excessive medications due to medical conditions commonly cause pain around belly button. Drugs often do not absorb into the digestive stream causing unease. It is advisable to get the prescribed medicines revised from the physician and if possible ask for mild medications or alternatives.

3. Urinary tract infections:

Different forms of bacterial infections are starting point of urinary tract infections. Painful urination causes sharp pain in the abdominal area. Drinking plenty of water and cleansing the area will help reduce the pain. Doctor prescribed antibiotics also work well under such circumstances.

4. Hernia:

A hernia is a lump in the muscle cavity especially around the bladder, intestines, and belly button. During this illness one experiences sharp shooting pain near the naval area while doing any kind of movement. It is advisable to take immediate medical attention as this could turn into a serious health hazard.

5. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy women experience normal pain around the belly button as the stomach expands with the growth of the foetus. However if the pain is intense and continuous then it might be an indication of severe health concern for the baby. Contacting a gynaecologist at the earliest is advisable so as to know the seriousness of the issue.

6. Ulcers:

Ulcers are an indication of bad stomach lining. Unhealthy eating habits cause the stomach lining to erode and cause intestinal bleeding. Its aggravates with the consumption of acidic and spicy foods, hence causing extreme discomfort around the belly button. Conspumtion of mild food will prevent further damage to the intestines and promote quick healing of the pain in the naval area.

7. Pancreatic problems:

Pancreatic disease is caused due to excessive damage of pancreatic tissues due to diabetes and pancreatic cancer. An acutely aching belly button is a result of this ailment. Other symptoms include fever, vomiting, and headaches. It is advisable to access medical attention quickly for instant relief and avoid any serious medical condition.

8. Crohn’s disease:

This is a life threatening disease caused due the inflammation of the stomach and intestines. This causes unbearable pain in the abdominal area. Getting medical attention at the earliest will prevent any life threat caused by this disease.

9. Cystitis:

One of the known forms of UTI infections is Cystitis. This condition is more common in women. It causes passing of blood through the urine and extreme pain in the naval area.

10. Recent surgery:

It is normal to feel sharp pain in the belly button after an abdominal surgery. It is usually temporary and heals after sometime. Keeping the effected area clean and dry will not cause fungal infection to lodge in the belly button area.

11. Gallstones:

Gallstones are not detected until they cause upper abdominal pain which shifts to the lower abdomen causing shooting pain in the belly button area. This is accompanied by fever, jaundice like symptoms, and bloating of the stomach. Medical attention at the earliest will provide relief from this illness.

12. Appendicitis:

Inflamed appendix causes serious stomach ache which results in extreme pain in the naval area. The pain might occur like normal stomach ache but if it is persistent and sharp  then it requires immediate medical attention as the appendicitis might rapture and turn fatal for life.

Common Home Remedies For Pain In Belly Button:

Warm water with salt:

Rubbing the belly button with a cotton dipped in warm water will increase the blood flow of around the area and reduce the pain. If the area has bacterial infection then it is advisable to use warm water with salt. Salt acts as a cleanser and disinfectant for the infected area. Carrying out this simple treatment twice a day will heal the belly button of the bacterial infections.

Warm Compress:

Sometimes the belly button gets infected due to piercing done in that area. This might cause inflammation and pus formation. To get relief from this ordeal one can use warm water compressions at regular intervals. The warm water treatment will aid in the discharge of pus and heal the bacterial infection. A warm water dip also helps in reducing the pain. It soothes the area and provides instant relief.

Turmeric application:

The natural antibiotic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and cures rashes, infections, and bacterial congestions of the belly button. Regularly cleansing of the area will keep the area non-itchy and clean. Consumption of turmeric powder with honey in a glass of milk daily will keep one fit internally and prevent internal inflammations.

Indian Lilac application:

Indian lilac is known for its anti-fungal properties. Applying a mixture of neem oil and olive oil around the naval area cause the infection to heal naturally. Neem and turmeric paste is also very effective in healing inflammation and itching of the belly button.

Coconut oil application:

Application of warm coconut oil around the infected belly button will reduce pain and inflammation. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal ointment it aids in keeping the area clean from dirt and other yeast infections.

White vinegar application:

Applying white vinegar with warm water on a cotton ball to the infected area to heal pus discharge, pain, and redness. After the application of the solution rinse with warm water after 10-15 mins. Regular application will heal the area naturally.

Alcohol application:

Dip the cotton ball into alcohol and apply it on the infected area. This in turn curbs the bacterial infection and its antiseptic properties heal the belly button and reduce pain and irritation.

Tea Tree Oil application:

Sometimes yeast infections occur in cavity of the belly button due to unclean habits. Applying tea tree oil to the infected place will reduce the fungal infection and cleanse the area from the microorganisms. Regular application will keep the naval area clean and the surrounding skin supple.

Aloe Vera application:

A natural and quick remedy is application of fresh aloe gel from the leave will reduce the pain in the naval area and cure it of itchiness, inflammation, and redness. It promotes quick healing of the skin around the belly button.

Calendula lotion application:

Calendula ointment is effective in reducing itching, irritation, and pain of the belly button. It is a natural antiseptic remedy to curb bacterial infections around the abdominal cavity. Applying the flower petals or the cream will keep the belly button healthy in the long run.

Cleansing the area regularly:

Naval area always gets damp due to soap deposits and dirt accumulating in the cavity. Cleansing the area regularly with a damp cloth or cotton dipped in aromatic oils can prevent yeast and other bacterial infections at bay. Also rinse the area well with warm water while bathing.

Avoid wearing tight clothing:

Tight pants and excessively tight tops cause friction in the belly button area which might result in discomfort and pain. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to allow the skin around the naval area to breath and to shield it from harmful UV rays.

We hope these informative home remedial methods will come in handy while dealing with an infected belly button. To avoid major medical issues keeping the area clean and dry is advisable. Regular use of disinfectants and anti-fungal ointments keep the belly button skin healthy and supple. Application and cleansing of the abdominal cavity with a mild soap is a hygienic way to prevent bacterial yeast and sweat to infect the area. Above all get immediate medical attention if the pain persists and continues for more than three days.

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