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Making Your Recovery Smooth After Botox

Recovering From Botox
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So you have finally gotten your dream face, and your Botox provider has given you the green light to go home. You wouldn’t want to compromise your results after spending so much money on Botox injections. To get the best possible results and prevent bruising, you need to follow post-op instructions to the letter. Here are some key tips on how to make your recovery smooth after Botox.

How Botox Works

The best place to start is to understand how a Botox treatment works to give you that youthful look. Well, it is a drug known as onobotulinumtoxin that paralyzes target muscles on your face. It is a brand name of a popular drug often used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Botox has a generally safe history over the years given it has been used in cosmetic treatment for decades. That said, any Botox treatment ought to be done by a board certified doctor.

Now that you know a thing or two about the how Botox works, let’s look into some key aftercare steps you should take after the treatment

Recovering From Botox

Wait at least a day to wear makeup

Well, it would be wise to avoid applying makeup a day before and a day after your Botox injections. It would be best if you also went in for your appointment with a clean, makeup-free face. Makeup is a foreign substance that can irritate the injection sites. You also want to avoid massaging your face using your brushes to apply makeup. With makeup on, you might have to keep touching your face which might affect the efficiency of the treatment.

Sleep on your back for one night

Botox treatment experts recommend you avoid sleeping in the areas where your provider injected Botox. When you lie on the side of your face containing Botox, you cause the toxin to move around on your face. You also prevent it from settling into your muscles and producing the desired effect.

Don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before and after your injections

If you want the results of your Botox to be pleasant, avoid drinking alcohol the day before and the day after your treatment. Alcohol increases your likelihood of bruising, and you will end up with a botched face. Wait a few days to celebrate your fresh new look with your pals.

Avoid lying down for 4 hours after Botox

It is always recommended to use a top plastic surgeon who will advise you before and post-treatment. According to a top plastic surgeon delivering Botox at Alinea Medical Spa, your provider will advise you on things like posture after treatment. For example, you should sit upright for the first four hours of your treatment. You should also avoid bending down to reach for something on the ground. Failure to do so will cause blood to rush to your head and promote bruising on the injection sites.

Stay out of the sun

Exposure to the sun or excessive heat from saunas and tanning beds can raise your blood pressure and lead to skin bruising. Try to avoid excessive heat for at least a day before your treatment. Wear a wide-brimmed hat for maximum protection if you must be out and about. You can also use a strong sunscreen to prevent too much exposure to UV rays. You should also try to avoid exposure to heat from other sources like a hot shower.

Resume exercise 24 hours after your treatment

Physical activity gets your heart rate up and promotes blood circulation. Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles by preventing your muscles from contracting. When you jump right back to your workout routine, you reduce the effectiveness of your treatment by promoting the spread of the toxin to surrounding muscles. That said, you can do facial exercises like raising your eyebrows to fasten the efficacy of the treatment. Remember to speak to your provider if you have any adverse side effects like issues with breathing, dizziness, etc.

Keep away from the spa for at least two weeks

Skin treatments are the enemy when your Botox treatment is still fresh. Sure, we are all about self-care and relaxation, but not before the toxin has had a chance to settle in your muscles. To be on the safer side, postpone your facial treatments such as dermal fillers, face scrubs, and massages until two weeks after your Botox injections.

Final remarks

Botox can help turn back the hands of time and give you a youthful appearance. However, you need to avoid muscle manipulation, makeup, and exercise too soon after your procedure to prevent the toxin from spreading to unintended areas. If you follow the above guidelines, you are bound to get the best Botox results. Remember to seek advice from your doctor if you have any adverse side effects after a Botox treatment.