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9 Correct Reasons To Choose Botox And Other Dermal Filler

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The most correct and justified reason to use Botox and other dermal fillers to get your youth back is not that your best friend had the same treatment. It is not because your boyfriend wants you to look a certain way. And it is most certainly not because your favorite celebrity had the same treatment done. Choose Botox and other dermal fillers for the most correct reasons. Choose them because you actually have a reason to opt for them. Remember, you should use plastic surgery and similar treatments only because you can benefit from them and for the simple reason that they are useful, safe, and practical for you. Let’s discuss:

1.    Highly Trusted And Effective

Botox is a highly trusted brand. You’ll also find several other dermal fillers that are FDA-approved for various kinds of procedures not only for your face but for several other parts of your body as well. This means that they are safe and effective for the result that you want to accomplish with them.

2.    Quick And Convenient

Another aspect of these treatments that make them highly distinguishable from other procedures is that they are very quick and convenient. A typical Botox procedure or any kind of dermal filler can be administered within just 10 to 15 minutes. However, it will depend entirely on the treatment area and the size of the affected part, along with how it accepts the dermal filler.

3.    Say Goodbye To Discomfort

There is no discomfort. You do not require any kind of anesthesia. It is highly suitable for both men and women regardless of the thickness of your skin. There is going to be a little bit of pulling sensation and mild pinching that you can easily bear. The needle is very thin and you won’t even notice any pain or irritation when the Botox is injected into your muscles and areas of concern on and around your face. Another strong reason to go for it!

4.    Nonsurgical

Because this procedure is nonsurgical by nature, you can get some of the most amazing results without having to go under the knife or bear any kind of pain whatsoever. When you choose Botox at Holcomb & Kreithen, you know that you are in experienced hands. Getting this treatment is very beneficial for you because it is non-invasive and gives you the confidence to live life just like you want to. You have no reason to be concerned about anesthesia, scars, or any surgical risks whatsoever.

5.      Ideal For Subtle Changes

A treatment of Botox and other dermal fillers is perfect if you’re looking for a subtle change in your overall appearance. A facelift, for example, can make a lot of changes in your face in addition to smoothing out those lines and wrinkles but this is where it differs from a Botox treatment. It makes you look starkly different from what people have gotten used to. Botox, on the other hand, is a very short and non-surgical procedure that can help you remove your mild wrinkles and smooth out your face without making you look overly stretched or “worked on.” This treatment is going to change your appearance just enough so that people are aware that you are looking your best but without inviting any weird gazes your way.

6.      Can You Stop Those Wrinkles Before They Come?

Yes, you can because Botox is known for doing exactly this. Wrinkles and fine lines can be very much predictable and are inevitable but you can prevent them from forming a little too early on your face. If you have any early symptoms of laugh lines or crows feet or frown creases, you can choose Botox without a second thought. Many patients opt for this treatment in their mid to late 20s as well because this is the time when collagen production begins to lessen. So yes, if you are looking for a non-surgical way to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from ruining your beautiful face, Botox is the way to go.

7.      Pain, What Pain?

When you compare a Botox injection with other forms of treatment that are intended to wipe your face off any wrinkles and fine lines, the former is much better. It does not cause you any pain or discomfort at all. As mentioned before, Botox needles are very thin and the filler does not cause any noticeable displacement in your skin tissues which means there is very little discomfort. Your skin is not going to feel any pain or bruises and the worst thing that you will have to go through is a very mild numbness and minor swelling which will be gone within 2 days or less. The effects are going to last you for at least 6 months or maybe a little more than a year if you are careful with your face and the skincare regime you follow.

8.    Combine With Other Procedures

Botox and dermal fillers can be easily combined with other treatments such as facelift, body contouring, and tummy tuck. Yes, it does not have any side effects and the after-effects of the recovery stage have absolutely no impact on any other procedures that you want to get. You can choose a facelift, liposuction, or any other surgery that you want along with a Botox treatment.

9.      So Much More Affordable!

Botox is a lot more affordable as compared to other surgical treatments or a typical facelift procedure that you may be considering at the moment. Needless to mention, your self-confidence and overall appearance can never be quantified in terms of money but you still have to make sure that you remain well within your budget whenever you choose a beauty treatment for yourself. All you have to do is just take out 15 minutes of treatment time and you will get the best results at a fraction of the cost of other treatments available with plastic surgeons.

In The End, Fast Results

Remember, any kind of dermal fillers that are injected non-surgically into your face and its bone structure are going to have minimal downtime. It means a maximum of two or three days of rest and you will be back to your normal self, only younger-looking and more beautiful.