Home Household 19 Superb Home Remedies for Removing Stubborn Rust Stain Marks

19 Superb Home Remedies for Removing Stubborn Rust Stain Marks

Home Remedies for Removing Stubborn Rust Stain Marks

Troubled from the hideous brown rust stains on your clothes, tiles and concrete driveways? Removing rust stains from metal can be pretty exhausting, because no matter how much you scrub, it just won’t go away! Now, throwing away rusted fabrics or metal pieces is not a very practical option, instead why not try out some simple remedies to get rid of it easily? Check out these simple home remedies for getting rid of rust stains, and though it requires some time and effort, these household tricks are pretty effective:

What causes rust stains?

Before we discuss the home remedies for getting rid of rust, it is important that you understand the basic reason why rust grows in the first place. Listed below are some causes behind rusting:

  • Damp, humid surroundings cause oxidation corroding the metal leading to rusting
  • It usually develops on non-galvanised pure iron
  • Continued exposure of steel fences to saltwater and humid air
  • Unprotected roofs might rust because of excessive snow
  • Dead decaying leaves create an acidic reaction that erodes the metal coating off the chimneys
  • Steel or fuel oil tanks rust due to oil leaks

How to know that the metal has rusted

Rust is usually identifiable due to its dirty reddish brown color that slowly starts accumulating on any surface that has iron. Other symptoms of rusting are:

  • Brittle and discolored metal pieces
  • A reddish brown or yellowish coating over nails, metal boxes, pipes etc.
  • Unlined cast iron metal roofs are often weak
  • The tap water is brown, red or orange-ish indicating rusted water pipes

Home remedies to get rid of rust

Rusting can cause quite a nuisance, damaging the everyday household items with its dirty stains and corrosive quality. Get rid of rust stains using these practical and inexpensive remedies made from daily use items easily available at home! These home remedies are divided into four categories depending on the type and texture of the surface it has affected:

  1. For rusted metal
  2. For rusted fabrics
  3. For rusted tiled floors
  4. For rusted concrete

Cures for rusted metal

Often iron or uncoated steel pipes, nails and barrels rust when exposed to salt water or excess humidity. Use these simple tips

1. Potato and some soap

Using potatoes to scrub off the stains is among the most effective and easiest home remedies for getting rid of rust. Soak the metal in soap water then scrub it off with potato slices.

2. Chemical rust stain remover

Winks, a well-known professional quality rust stain remover out there that can be used for removing the rust. A recommended product, the winks rust stains remover has chemicals such as oxalic acid that work instantly on the rusted area.

3. Citric acid

Citric acid reacts strongly with rust and soaking the metal nails and other metal pieces in citric acid solution can have a really strong effect on the rust stain.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide when mixed with bleaching powder or lime becomes a strong abrasive agent, it works quickly and effectively on ridding the metal off the rust.

For removing rust from fabrics

The rust from washing machines or cast iron furniture sticks on to the clothes, giving them rusty spots and stains. Follow these home tricks:

5. Lime juice with salt

Apply a paste of salt and lemon juice and leave it under the sun to dry then rinse it with cold water; this removes rust stains from carpets or old bedsheets, curtains and toys etc.

6. Cream of tartar

Mix cream of tartar and water and add a bit of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to the paste, apply it on the stain then wipe it slowly with a wet sponge when dry.

7. White vinegar

Soak the piece of cloth in white vinegar solution with some salt sprinkled on it for about 24 hours, then leave it to dry, the stains would dissolve away. You can even add baking soda or lime juice for extra effectiveness.

8. Dishwashing liquid

Add a tsp of dishwashing liquid to a glass of warm water rub this mixture on the affected area. Leave it for a minute to dry, then scrub it off and rinse with cold water.

9. Tamarind water

Tamarind is more than just an ingredient used for enhancing the taste of the bland curry. Washing the rusted fabrics with tamarind water or applying the tamarind paste directly onto the stains would easily erase the stains from clothes.

To protect tiled floors from rusting

Check out these effective homemade remedies to remove rust from tiles

10. Molasses

Prepare a mixture of water and molasses in the ratio of 12:1, that is, twelve part water and one part molasses. Now apply this mixture on the tiles and leave it for some time. The rust would dissolve completely, you’d just have to wipe the tiles with a wet cloth when dry.

11. Bleach

Sprinkling a bit of bleach on the tiles and then washing it with water can effectively remove the rust marks off the tiled floor

12. Toothpaste

Smearing some toothpaste directly on to the rust infected tile can remove the rust marks left over from metal box, pipe, barrel or cylinder. Leave the toothpaste for a while before scrubbing it away with a brush in consistent circular motions. When done, wash the area with soap water.

13. Tomatoes

Cutting a tomato in two and rubbing one part on the rusted tiles effectively removes the stains left over from metal boxes and cylinders. You can even add a bit of rock salt for better results.

14. Kerosene

Very powerful and corrosive, kerosene oil gives out a strong odor but starts working on the rust almost immediately. Just pour some in the affected area and leave it for about 10 minutes, then wipe the place with a mop

Remedies for rust coated concrete

Try out these smart home remedies for getting rid of rust marks from concrete

15. Lemon juice and lots of scrubbing

Sprinkle the concrete area with lemon juice or apply a coat of lime onto the rusted wall then vigorously scrub it away with a wet cloth or a toothbrush. Remember to use circular actions when washing the rust off

16. Pumice stone

You can even use pumice stone for scrubbing off the rust from the concrete path, driveway or walls. Pumice stone offers more aggressive action against the rust stains and can really cleanse the concrete pathway.

17. Alcohol

Wetting the area with vodka is among the best home remedies for getting rid of rust off concrete. You just have to rub some alcohol onto the affected area and leave it to dry, the rust dissolves away while the vodka evaporates after sometime.

18. Hydrochloric acid

Though pretty strong, concentrated HCL can very easily get rid of the rust, just ensure that it is not left for too long it might react with the concrete turning it blue.

19. A paste of glycerine and water

Add glycerine, water, bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, apply this paste on the rusted areas and then rinse it off with water.

Some precautionary measures you can adopt to prevent rusting:

  • Keep the metal items away from closed damp places
  • Use only galvanised or specially coated iron, stainless steel, and alloys
  • Protect the metal chimneys and roofs from rain
  • Avoid metal bottomed furniture or cylinder directly on the floor

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